Paulo Bellini


Handmade shoes for men. Made with pure passion in Portugal. Paulo Bellini delivers high quality shoes at a friendly price.

Peter Holtkamp started the line in 2003 from his shoe store in Losser (Overijssel). With his 30 years of experience in footwear, he is at the top of quality, comfort and fashion. These values translate into the brand, Paulo Bellini.

Research is conducted year-round to find the best leather, durability and cool inspiration. Peter: 'People are paying more and more attention to health and comfort and that has an effect on shoe fashion. A good thing of course, but at the same time we are big advocates of a lot of variety in shoe fashion. So that is the challenge; a large collection of men's shoes where a good fit and a fashionable look come together.'

Peter travels to Lineapelle in Milan every year. This fair brings together the best leather manufacturers from all over the world. Through his agents in Portugal, he has the opportunity to purchase the finest leathers from Italian factories.

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